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100% natural stone surface
Over 70 decors available
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Design surfaces in all colours:

Artdecors Lite include both concrete-look decors and metal-look decors in colourful colourways.

The concrete decors are a combination of fibreglass with coloured resin on the front, while the metal decors are extremely thin stone veneers that have been covered with metal colours as a final finish.
With both finishes, in addition to the low overall weight, you benefit from the ease of processing and flexibility of the material.

Our Artdecors Lite are suitable for a wide range of interior applications such as modern wall design and unusual furniture construction.


Key facts for ArtdecorLite

100% natural stone surface
Total thickness approx. 1.5-2mm
Front metal finish: metal colour
Back metal finish: fibreglass
Concrete look: Fibreglass-resin combination
Size accuracy: 1-2 mm

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Concrete Mikado Rust 3000 x 1000m (4mm)
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