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100% natural stone surface
Over 70 decors available
The original since 2002

Natural stone as façade & in the garden

Whether as a design accent in the garden, as a near-natural privacy screen or as a complete ventilated natural stone façade: with Slate-Lite, you have all the possibilities for modern architecture, even outdoors, because our stone veneers can also be used for all outdoor applications without any problems thanks to the 100% natural stone surface and the robust fibreglass substrate. Even stone roofing solutions are possible with our extremely lightweight and flexible stone decors, as are patio floors or stylish outdoor kitchens.

UV-resistant and frost-proof

All Slate-Lite decors are frost-proof and, as confirmed by external test institutes, UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use without any problems.

More robust than rough stone slabs

Thanks to the fibreglass substrate, Slate-Lite stone veneers are more robust than conventional, thick raw stone slabs. The low overall thickness of only approx. 0.06 in also allows for installation in almost any location.

Water-resistant & easy to maintain

All stone types suitable for outdoor use (slate, mica slate, sandstone and marble) have a very high water resistance and can be cleaned with clear water, even with a high-pressure cleaner if necessary.

Over 70 decors to choose from in XXL formats up to 110.23 x 47.24 in

Arcobaleno Colore NEW Slate-Lite
Variants from $5.79*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

Arcobaleno Gris Slate-Lite
Variants from $5.79*
$38.97* $48.71* (19.99% saved)

Available in 15 workdays

Argento Auro Slate-Lite
Variants from $5.79*

Available in 15 workdays