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100% natural stone surface
Over 70 decors available
The original since 2002

The flexibility miracle among stone veneers:

UltraThin eco+ is three-dimensionally deformable to some extent thanks to the cotton mat as a substrate, despite its 100% natural stone surface!

Thanks to the CO2-saving transport due to its light weight and the low consumption of natural stone resources, UltraThin eco+ is particularly environmentally friendly.
The natural mat on the back of UltraThin eco+ allows for easy processing and opens up many new possibilities in interior design and furniture construction. With UltraThin eco+, you can even master complex special shapes and difficult edge areas without any problems!

A unique feature of UltraThin eco+ is also the processing: Despite the natural stone surface, you can even cut UltraThin eco+ to size with scissors or a cutter knife!


Key facts for UltraThin eco+

100% natural stone surface
Total thickness less than 1 mm
Weight approx. 0.8 kg/m²
Backing: cotton
Size accuracy: 1-2 mm
Maximum temperature: 60 °C (80 °C for a short time)
Bendable radius: 3D-formable

D.Black 315° UltraThin eco+
Variants from $28.48*

Available in 15 workdays

Terra Rosso UltraThin eco+
Variants from $24.83*

Available in 15 workdays