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100% natural stone surface
Over 70 decors available
The original since 2002

Slate-Lite stone veneers:
the future of stone.

Real stone, thin & flexible

Slate-Lite is an innovative real stone veneer consisting of an ultra-thin natural stone layer and a carrier reinforced with glass fibres or cotton.

We have developed a special process to produce many wafer-thin slabs from the most beautiful stone blocks in the world. Each of these slabs is unique and handcrafted in over 12 processing steps.
Despite its lightness, Slate-Lite stone veneer retains the feel and look of a solid stone slab. At the same time, our stone veneer is only approx. 0.06 in thin and even flexible!

Discover currently more than 70 different decors with unique colours and patterns in our stone veneer range:
We offer not only slate, but also limestones, sandstones and even marble for your individual building project!

Discover our wide range of colours:

Sample Set 11in x 4in

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100% natural stone surface

Each Slate-Lite stone sheet is absolutely unique and, thanks to its 100% natural stone surface, an exceptional design object made of natural stone and manufactured by hand.

Large selection: Over 70 decors

We currently stock over 70 different decors in 5 stone types, including even marble: find your favourite stone veneer for your building project now!

The original since 2002

With Slate-Lite, you choose the original manufacturer. We guarantee the best possible quality by checking every production step in detail. This means we can offer you the highest quality standards and our stone veneers are completely harmless to health.

Wandgestaltung mit Slate-Lite
Badezimmer mit Slate-Lite
Fliesenspiegel in der Küche mit Slate-Lite
Steinfassaden mit Slate-Lite
Lichtdurchlässige Steinfurniere von Slate-Lite
Kaminverkleidung mit Slate-Lite
Ladenbau mit Slate-Lite
Möbelbau mit Slate-Lite

XXL formats up to 110 1/4 x 47 1/4 in

Create virtually seamless stone walls thanks to our standard large formats, up to 110 1/4 x 47 1/4 in for most decors!

Also suitable for shower & bath

Lay Slate-Lite directly over old tiles and save time! Slate-Lite is also UV-resistant and weatherproof and can also be used outdoors.

Environmentally friendly stone

Thanks to its extreme thinness, Slate-Lite stone veneers produce approx. 95% less CO2 during transport than conventional solid stone tiles!!

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Slate-Lite Summer Breeze 122x61
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Slate-Lite Silvia 122x61
Variants from $5.79*

Available in approx. 65 workdays

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Selfadhesive material

Stick & GO:
Foil off, stick on - done!

To the decors
Hauchdünner Naturstein von Slate-Lite

Easy to process

Our stone veneer can be processed with all standard stone or woodworking tools: you don't need any special tools to cut or drill Slate-Lite!


Slate-Liteweighs just approx. 0.4 lbs/ ft² and is therefore not only easy to handle, but also inexpensive to ship and easy to bond to almost all substrates.


In our FAQ you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our stone veneers: From processing to application possibilities to ordering & shipping.

Our thin stone veneers are suitable for almost all substrates!
You can easily bond our stone veneers to these substrates, among others: Concrete, plasterboard, wood, metal, tiles, plaster, glass etc.

No special preparation is required for "stable" substrates: The substrate simply needs to be smooth, dust-free, clean and dry. Crumbling substrates such as old, flaking plaster or wallpaper that is already peeling off must be primed in advance to ensure a permanent bond between the adhesive and the wall.
Excessive unevenness in the substrate must either be treated with a primer or sanded down.

Our thin stone veneers are available in many different sizes, depending on the laying pattern and spatial effect you would like to achieve.

Our standard sizes are:

  • S // 12 x 24 in (bundle 11.64 ft2) *)
  • M // 48 x 24 in (8 ft2)
  • L // 94.5 x 47.2 in (31 ft2)
  • XL // 110.23 x 47.24 in (36,17 ft2)

Due to the ease of processing, our stone veneers can of course also be cut to any desired special size with millimeter precision.
If you do not want to cut and customize the material yourself, you can also have your desired decor produced directly in our store to the millimetre or order a cut of the material via our workbox services.

*) The 30 x 60 cm format is currently available in the Stick&GO! version with self-adhesive film in selected decors.

Cutting our thin stone veneers to size is extremely easy, and almost any standard DIY tool is suitable for this: You can cut Slate-Lite to the required size with millimeter precision using a hand or table saw, jigsaw or multitool.
Simply cut the stone sheet from the back using a wooden or plastic saw blade with medium teeth. If necessary, then lightly sand the cut edge with sandpaper.

Bonding the Slate-Lite stone veneers is extremely simple:
Simply apply the adhesive to the back of the stone sheet or directly to the mounting surface, press the stone veneers into place - DONE!

In the following video, we show you how to apply our recommended Slate-Lite Extreme Adhesive. This ready-to-use MS adhesive is simply spread with a B3 notched trowel. Make sure that the adhesive is evenly grooved and do not smooth it out.
Then press the Slate-Lite stone veneer onto the desired area with light and even pressure or a pressure roller and that's it!

To achieve an optimum result, work with a spirit level.
Adhesive residue on the sheet can be removed with our special cleaners.

Slate-Lite can be cleaned with all commercially available, non-corrosive household cleaners.
In most cases, clear water and a lint-free cloth or brush will suffice.

In outdoor areas, cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is also possible, but please observe the distance recommended by the appliance manufacturer when using it.


Book our optional photomatching service and you will receive photos of all batches in stock in advance when you place an order. This way you have full control over which Slate-Lite stone blade you get delivered!


Depending on the decor, we extract 200 - 300 sheets of Slate-Lite from the stone material of a conventional stone slab 1 in thick!

Desired dimensions

Save yourself time-consuming on-site cutting: Simply order Slate-Lite directly in your individual desired size!

Unlimited applications

Slate-Lite's thin stone veneers are a true all-rounder for projects at your home or even in the business sector: Our real stone veneers can be used both indoors and outdoors and even in wet areas!

Create unique oases of well-being in your bathroom or even in the shower, bring natural colors and warmth to the walls of your living room or create individual furniture with eye-catcher guarantee: With Slate-Lite stone veneer, there are almost no limits to your ideas.

You can also use our stone veneer outdoors as a real stone facade. In addition, set extraordinary design accents as a back wall for your fireplace, because Slate-Lite is heat-resistant up to 248 °F!


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