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100% natural stone surface
Over 70 decors available
The original since 2002

Slate-Lite stone veneers:
the future of stone.

Real stone, thin & flexible

Slate-Lite is an innovative real stone veneer consisting of an ultra-thin natural stone layer and a carrier reinforced with glass fibres or cotton.

We have developed a special process to produce many wafer-thin slabs from the most beautiful stone blocks in the world. Each of these slabs is unique and handcrafted in over 12 processing steps.
Despite its lightness, Slate-Lite stone veneer retains the feel and look of a solid stone slab. At the same time, our stone veneer is only approx. 0.06 in thin and even flexible!

Discover currently more than 70 different decors with unique colours and patterns in our stone veneer range:
We offer not only slate, but also limestones, sandstones and even marble for your individual building project!

Discover our wide range of colours:

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Sample Set 11in x 4in

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100% natural stone surface

Each Slate-Lite stone sheet is absolutely unique and, thanks to its 100% natural stone surface, an exceptional design object made of natural stone and manufactured by hand.

Large selection: Over 70 decors

We currently stock over 70 different decors in 5 stone types, including even marble: find your favourite stone veneer for your building project now!

The original since 2002

With Slate-Lite, you choose the original manufacturer. We guarantee the best possible quality by checking every production step in detail. This means we can offer you the highest quality standards and our stone veneers are completely harmless to health.

Wandgestaltung mit Slate-Lite
Badezimmer mit Slate-Lite
Fliesenspiegel in der Küche mit Slate-Lite
Steinfassaden mit Slate-Lite
Lichtdurchlässige Steinfurniere von Slate-Lite
Kaminverkleidung mit Slate-Lite
Ladenbau mit Slate-Lite
Möbelbau mit Slate-Lite

XXL formats up to 110 1/4 x 47 1/4 in

Create virtually seamless stone walls thanks to our standard large formats, up to 110 1/4 x 47 1/4 in for most decors!

Also suitable for shower & bath

Lay Slate-Lite directly over old tiles and save time! Slate-Lite is also UV-resistant and weatherproof and can also be used outdoors.

Environmentally friendly stone

Thanks to its extreme thinness, Slate-Lite stone veneers produce approx. 95% less CO2 during transport than conventional solid stone tiles!!

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Slate-Lite Summer Breeze 122x61
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Blanco Slate-Lite
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