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Code of Conduct

1) Business ethics and conducts

R&D GmbH and all employees are committed to observe the laws and rules at all times. The same applies to all internal guidelines and instructions. In addition, every employee must behave honest and fair in their work environment and perform their duties in dealing with customers, suppliers and government agencies integer and professionally.
Further, the principles of fair competition must be observed, any anticompetitive behaviour will not be tolerated by R&D GmbH.

2) Competitive conduct and corruption protection

Order acquisition and placing of orders is executed in a fair manner and for the high quality and the price of our innovative products and services. Prohibited competitive advantages, corruption or bribery will not be tolerated.
It is strictly forbidden to offer, promise or obtain unfair advantages in connection with the business activity – wether directly or indirectly.

3) Fair business conditions and equal opportunities

We follow the labor and employment laws in each country. Moreover we expressly profess to fair employment. R&D GmbH does not tolerate anydiscrimination or harassment in the workplace, wether due to age, disability, national origin, sex, race, religion or sexual orientation. This applies in particular for child labor.
We check periodically, personally and locally with our international production facilities, that they respect the work and employment rules, too.

4) Safety at work

The health of our employess and safety at work is a top priority for us. Our employees must comply with all relevant regulations and safety instructions in the factories and carry the required protective equipment.

5) Protection of health

The health of our employees is very important to us. All employees in our factories must wear appropriate protective clothing – depending on the work process, these include face masks, ear protection, goggles, gloves and safety shoes.
When processing natural stone, it usually comes to a high particulate matter. Thanks to Slate-Lite‘s innovative production method, this load can be massively reduced: Since the massive slate blocks are not chiseled or split during production of Slate-Lite, but are stripped off layer by layer, no particulate matter is created for our employees during this step.
The dust load during sawing and sanding of the slate blocks is massively reduced in our factories by carrying out all process steps in connection with water and by directly binding occurring dust and excluding harmful dust generation.
The risk of health hazards due to silicosis is thus not given in the production process of Slate-Lite!

6) Gifts and donations

Any payments may only be instructed, when contracted goods have been delivered or services have been performed. The principles of accounting must always be observed. It is forbidden for all employees to demand or receive gifts of donations in connection with business activities. Occasional invitations of gifts, that correspond to the usual on a business level and are only of little financial value, are excluded from this regulation, as long as they do not interfere with any law or regulations.

7) Environmental protection

For R&D GmbH it is important to protect the natural ressources as well as possible. This includes not only the compliance with all environmental laws, standards and other legal requirements, but also the continuous work to reduce environmental pollution in the production process and to improve our services in the field of environmental protection.

The emission rates on the transport routes are many times lower with Slate-Lite stone veneer than with conventional stone slabs, resulting in a significantly more positive eco-balance.
The majority of our goods are shipped to our central warehouse by sea. With a pollutant quantity of approx. 15.1 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometre (source: NABU), this results in the following example calculation of one of our containers:
(Comparative calculation: sea route India/Germany. granite slab vs. Slate-Lite).

  Transportweg Materialmenge (m²) Ladung (kg)
Slate-Lite Seecontainer 40' 10.637 m² 26.500 kg
Granitplatte (2 cm) Seecontainer 40' 441 m² 26.500 kg
  Entfernung (km) CO2-Ausstoß (g) CO2-Ausstoß / m²
Slate-Lite 7.500 km 3.001.125,00 282,12 g
Granitplatte (2 cm) 7.500 km 3.001.125,00 6.806,27 g

One sheet of Slate-Lite stone veneer produces approx. 95% less CO2 during transport than a conventionally thick stone panel.

8) Conflicts of interest

To avoid conflicts of interest of any kind, no employee of R&D GmbH may hold investments in customers, suppliers or companies that manufacture and distribute products that are in a direct competition with products of R&D GmbH. In addition, business activities of our employees outside the business activities of R&D GmbH with suppliers, customers and competitors are also prohibited without explicit permission.

9) Confidentiality, data protection and business secrets

All commercial transactions, corprate and annual reports or cost overviews, recipes and internal production processes, market assessments and strategy papers are always confidental and discreet. Confidential information of any kind, including customers, suppliers and other employees, may not be made available to third parties and are to protect against unauthorized access of third parties, unless the information is already public knowledge.

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