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100% natural stone surface
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Backlit stone for extraordinary light design!

Discover the magic of light and stone with the translucent stone veneers from Slate-Lite:

Cozy evenings in warm living room light with natural textures and pleasant plays of color, impressive plays of light and unique designs in business settings - everything is possible!
Our backlit stone veneers add quality and exclusivity to any room. Depending on which light source and light color you use, you set different accents.

Different light effects depending on the light source

Whether warm white, cold light or colourful RGB colours: Each light source creates different colour moods on the stone surface.

Suitable for any light source

Whether LED panel, light bulb, LED strip or fluorescent tube: the translucent stone veneers can be backlit with any commercially available light source.

Product lines for every application

The choice is yours: we offer translucent stone veneers with a total thickness of less than 1/64 inches or a thickness of up to 5/32 inches.

Become a lighting designer!

Thanks to the transparent background, all stone veneers from our Translucent product line can be illuminated with a light source behind the stone panel!

With this backlighting, you can create impressive highlights in private and business areas, for shops, counters, restaurants or bars.
Even hobbyists can become light designers themselves thanks to the thinness of the stone material and create stylish one-of-a-kind luminaires.

Bestseller Translucent

Nero Translucent
Variants from $5.79*

Available, Ready for dispatch in 1-7 business days

California Gold Translucent
Variants from $5.79*

Available in 60 workdays

Tan Translucent
Variants from $5.79*

Available in 35 workdays