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D.Black 315° UltraThin eco+


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Product number: 2005023

Design Statement with Clear Lines

D.BLACK is a dark decor with a gray-black base color. The main feature of this decor are pronounced lines that run across the entire decor. The basic direction of the contained line structures is approximately 315°. For those who like geometric, clear shapes, our D.Black is the perfect choice: The dark base color in combination with the pronounced lines creates atmospheric contrasts.

More pictures of projects and color variations? No problem, here you can find plenty of additional images: ► D.BLACK Image Database

The mica slate decors usually have a somewhat rougher surface with homogeneous patterns.
A special eye-catcher is the glossy effect created by the natural quartzite content in the stone.

Real stone: our quality feature

Slate-Lite is manufactured from layered stone. Color differences in the individual slabs as well as quartz veins running through the stone, natural cracks or slight chipping may occur.This is not a defect, but rather a characteristic of the genuine natural stone surface and makes each Slate-Lite stone sheet absolutely unique!

Foto Matching Service

Please note that the material images shown here are only examples of this decor. Each Slate-Lite stone sheet is unique and may vary from the images shown here.
With our optional Fotomatching-Service , you will receive photos of the current available batches of the material after you place your order and can choose your personal favorite before delivery!
This way, despite the 100% natural stone surface with its changing colors and textures per sheet, you have full control over the look of your delivered stone veneers.
(Currently this service is not available for the formats 12 x 24 inches and our stacking stones).

UltraThin eco+: The flexibility wonder

Our product line ULTRATHIN ECO+ is especially perfect for furniture construction, difficult edge areas in interior design, complex shapes and the creative sector:
Due to the cotton mat on the back, UltraThin eco+ can be formed three-dimensionally to some extent and has a total thickness of less than 0.04 inches!
UltraThin eco+ thus opens up completely new possibilities for interior design pieces, small-scale fine work or complicated curves.

The processing possibilities are also unique: You can even cut our stone flexibility wonder to size with scissors or a cutter knife!

    Key facts for UltraThin eco+
  • 100% natural stone surface
  • Total surface area < 0.04 inches
  • Bendable radius: Three-dimensionally formable
  • Can be cut with scissors & cutter knife
  • Weight approx. 1.76 lbs / square yard
More detailed information on UltraThin eco+can be found in the ► Datasheet

Convenient standard size: 48 x 24 inches

Whether parallel, loose or straight bond: With our easy-to-use standard size 48 x 24 inches, you can lay your personal desired pattern and create lively living environments in no time at all, just as you wish.
One sheet in the size 48 x 24 inches requires approx. 1 pack of 20.29 fluid ounces of adhesive.

Quick & easy processingt

With our stone veneers you renovate quickly & easily, without any special tools!
Simply cut to size as required, apply adhesive, press on stone leaves and you're done!
(Please note that depending on the place of application, you should impregnate or seal the stone surface with a suitable protective product from our range. This applies to places with high load such as in wet areas, the kitchen, as flooring or partly in outdoor areas).

Still questions about the product? Get in touch with us!

We will be happy to advise you personally on your individual project: Simply pick up the phone, send us an E-Mail,, chat via WhatsApp or arrange a video chat appointment in our Online-Showroom!

Properties "D.Black 315° UltraThin eco+"
Decor: D. Black 315°
Size: 122x61cm
Stone type: Myca


Photo matching of your order goodsSlate-Lite is a real stone veneer and impresses with its natural look and individuality. Add this optional extra to your Slate-Lite purchase and you will receive a photo of a currently available batch via email before the goods are shipped. This allows you to see in advance how your Slate-Lite is designed in detail and color. In order for our team to select your batch as accurately as possible, you can leave us any additional wishes and requirements for your decor in the comments field when completing your order.Fotomatching VideoPlease note:  The shipping period starts only after the confirmation of your image selection. For the formats "Stackingstones" and "30x60cm" we do not offer photomatching.

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