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Otto Seal Grey


Product number: 5000093

Ottoseal natural stone silicone

Color: Grey / 310 ml

1K silicone sealant based on Oxim.
This natural stone silicone is ideally suited for sealing and grouting with Slate-Lite.
Test series in our internal test laboratory confirm the good durability and adhesion to our stone veneers; we advise against other silicone products from other manufacturers when using Slate-Lite.

Elongation stress value at 100% (ISO 37, S3A): 0.5 N/mm²
Color: transparent

Please follow the safety and processing instructions in the data sheet when using this product: DOWNLOAD
Ideally, test the product on a test piece or an unobstructed area before processing.
Let silicone work ideally by a professional durchführen.

Properties "Otto Seal Grey"
Decor: Otto Seal Grau
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